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 Sustainable Clothing that Matches Your Lifestyle

There is an important message we pass through the clothing we wear. Think about it, most of us wear close daily. We have work clothes, yoga clothes, party clothes, travel clothes, pyjamas ….So here at Urban Mystic, we love clothing that is multi use and that is durable. We’re all about long term relationships with the clothes we wear! Here’s why:

What we buy and how the supply chain is affected dictates what we support as a global citizen. We believe the greatest consciousness changes and biggest impacts happen through developing new habits with the daily things we do. There is no perfect product, yet we are here to do our part and we invite you to do yours! By educating ourselves and bringing consciousness to our clothing choices without judging others, we can make a significant impact on the planet and inspire those around us to do the same. It’s not just the price you pay for a piece of clothing that matters, but how it was created, by whom, the intention behind it, the durability and the quality of the product, it’s impact on the environment and how your body and soul feels wearing it!

Urban Mystic favors Fair Trade, Recycled, Upcycled and High Quality Organic materials and supports socially just processes.

When you outgrow your clothes or if you decide after reading this to get rid of the not so conscious clothing choices you have made, make someone else’s year by giving them away!
A little gesture goes a long way.

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