1. Have the following reflection handy either on your phone or screen and use airplane mode to block any noise. Also have a journal and pen by your side. 
  2. Sit in sacred space and have your favorite crystals of the moment with you to amplify your connection to the subtle realms. You can check out our crystal sets, generator crystals and crystal grids to create the space that is best for you. 
  3. If you create a crystal grid, sit right in front of it. If you have loose crystals, either create an altar or work with them in your hands. 
  4. Ground into yourself and reconnect to your breath for a few minutes. Reconnect to your belly, your heart, your third eye. 
  5. Once settled, gently open your eyes and begin to read this outloud one time after which you can pause and reflect. Note down your reflection or insight in your journal. Pause again. Read a second time outloud or in silence. Journal again and pause. Stay connected. Let things simmer. Repeat a third time. Allow any sensation or emotion to be part of your journey, by the third round, things should start to reveal themselves to you. 
  6. Repeat as many times as you need to feel complete. 

Reflective Meditation Ritual to recalibrate when you find it hard to release, or move on, or simply to find your center again. 

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There is a time to shine, to open, to share, to lift others up, to take action. 


And there is also a time to stop, to empty, to be still, to listen, to replenish. 


There is a time to create. 

There is a time to integrate. 

There is a time to birth. 

There is a time to die. 

There is a time to give. 

There is a time to receive. 

There is a time to allow. 

There is a time to let go. 

There is a time to grow. 

There is a time to flow. 

A time to grieve, a time to rejoice. 

A time to fight for justice, a time for peace. 

A time to heal, a time to thrive. 


There is ALWAYS a time, a moment.

And, sometimes, it even feels like many layers are occurring at once. 


We are evolutionary beings moving through waves, through moments, through seasons, with endless opportunities to attune, to shed, to refine, to recalibrate, to expand. 


I wonder if you recognize those times, phases in your life.

If you are aware of their presence.


Are you aware?

Do you recognize these phases?

Do you know where you are at?






And I wonder if you honor those moments without shying away from them.

Without shying away from the discomfort of your shadow, without fearing your power, without denying your grief nor your joy…..I wonder.






Within your shadow lies your transformation. 


Within your light lies the result of you doing your work.


Just remember no one can do the work but YOU. 

And no one can give you your light but YOU. 


What moment are you moving through now? How can you fully embrace it?



Here is a gem for you from my journal:


“On a soul level I knew I had to do all of it.

And I did it, I took it on as my duty.

Day in and day out carrying it without question.


It was demanding, it was grand, it was moving, it was energizing.

It was inspiring and it was aligned.

Until the day it wasn’t. And there was no way back. So is the journey into the Great Mystery.”



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